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Dee McCahill
Anxiety Relief Expert for Ladies

Enjoy Rapid, Yet Lasting Relief From Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Sleep Issues, Panic Attacks & More…

(Online Hypnotherapy, RTT, EFT & NLP Sessions )

I can help you to relieve anxiety, stress and overwhelm, and take back control of your life using personalised anxiety hypnotherapy, rapid transformation therapy (RTT) and other proven, effective therapeutic approaches that deal with the root cause of the issue.

Your hypnotherapy sessions will be tailored to your exact needs so we can quickly eliminate the root causes and daily triggers of your anxiety, allowing you to finally switch off, relax and enjoy a calm, peaceful mind, and a happier healthier life.

Why spend weeks, months or years in therapy or on medication when the majority of my clients experience the freedom they are looking in only a few short sessions?

The North West’s leading Anxiety Expert for Ladies

Dee McCahill is a highly sought after Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in helping women to break free from out of control anxiety, stress and many other mental health issues using the latest clinical hypnotherapy techniques.

Dee has helped hundreds of clients from all over the UK to overcome anxiety, stress, trauma, OCD, phobias and sleep issues.

Dee is an integrative hypnotherapist using a wide range of solutions focused therapeutic techniques to achieve fast and long-lasting relief from anxiety, whilst giving your proven tools to manage and control your thoughts and emotions whenever you may need in the future. Dee prides herself on adapting the work appropriately to you to enable maximum benefit and unlock your future potential

Using these cutting edge techniques Dee’s personalised Hypnotherapy programmes not only relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress and more, but also eliminates the underlying triggers and root causes so you can enjoy long term health and happiness.

Dee’s gentle and caring nature, extensive knowledge, professional experience, and true commitment to the happiness and health of her clients has allowed her to achieve an incredible 98%* success rate when treating client’s anxiety, panic attacks and stress.

(*Past results do not guarantee future results.)

Dee McCahill

Qualifications and Awarding Bodies:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • EFT Master Practitioner
  • RTT Therapist trained by Marisa Peer
  • Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer
  • Certified Life Coach
  • 30 Years Working In Wellness
  • 1000’s of Happy Client’s

“I urge you, even if you feel terrified, confused or are feeling a huge amount of resistance, don’t despair and feel as though nothing can change or nothing can help you. These feelings are often the gifts, the doors we need to go through to reach the parts of ourselves we need to heal, love and transform.”

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Imagine enjoying a deep sense of calm and peace in your day to day life. Springing out of bed each morning feeling energised and positive after a deep, rejuvenating and worry-free sleep. Being completely confident and relaxed in social situations and beginning to feel hopeful and excited for the future, free of fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety and negative self talk.

This is the life you can and deserve to live, with the help of the resources and programs we have available at our clinic you can start to transform your life within days.

  • Relieve tension and enjoy a calmer more relaxed mind and body in all situations
  • Enjoy a deeper, more peaceful and rejuvenating night’s sleep
  • Have more clarity and focus in daily activities
  • Reduce overwhelm and stress
  • Be more confident, energised and positive in social and professional situations
  • Improve relationships and enjoy deeper more harmonious human connections
  • Stop cycles of negative thoughts, fear and worry from clouding your mind and stealing your energy
  • Help you better deal with stressful or difficult situations
  • Make more positive choices again

Why Is Hypnosis So Effective In Treating Anxiety?

What Is Anxiety?

In most cases anxiety is a learned subconscious reaction to certain triggers in our external environment or ones we create in our own mind. For those who experience anxiety, the natural responses to these triggers can include a wide range of symptoms, from racing negative thoughts to shortness of breath, insomnia and many more negative mental and physical states of being.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Clinical hypnotherapy allows us to access your subconscious mind to reframe and release your automatic stress responses, replace them with more helpful ways of thinking, and ultimately, to reduce anxiety and stress instantaneously. Through hypnosis, you can begin to gain greater control over your response to triggers and stressful situations and empower the mind to be a better friend.

Will It Really Work For Me?

Hypnosis is now recognised by many mainstream medical professionals as a natural and successful treatment for anxiety that can often get greater results in less time and for less costs. Today there are 100’s of peer reviewed scientific research papers showing the effectiveness of hypnosis for treating anxiety, and in my L’Derry based practice we have a very high success rate using hypnosis to provide long term relief for client’s suffering from anxiety, stress and trauma.

But don’t take our word for it…

Hear from past client’s who are now free from anxiety…

(*Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future results.)

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  • Relaxation & Anxiety Relief Hypnosis Mp3 – Instant download
  • Free Anxiety Relief Workbook – Instant Download
  • Free 30-Day Anxiety Relief Program
  • Voucher for ONE FREE Phone Consultation with Qualified Anxiety Hypnotherapist -Dee McCahill (Select your FREE Consult time/day after submitting the form below)